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IB Pallets - Pallets Crates and Bins


IB Pallets is a tradename of IB International. IB Pallets boasts the highest quality and service in plastic pallets, crates and bins across several market sectors. We have constructed this website to provide you with a lot of visuals and specifications. We do our best to keep product lines up to date. But sometimes what you want may not be illustrated on this website. Please choose our contact form to request your preferences and required specifications. We take our service to you seriously and will let you know if we can fulfill your order requirements or provide you with something similar.

Our business commenced in 2005. Our manufacturing facilities are all quality assured and the product specifications are maintained at conservative levels, not outer limits. So if you are comparing please keep this in mind. The more you can inform us of your application needs the more targetted a selection we can provide for your consideration. Your long term satisfaction is important to us. A little care initially means long term savings for both of us and a mutually beneficial relationship long term.

We hope that you will always ask us when you have a requirement. We know that you will be happy with our service and especially happy with our products!

Ian Baines
IB International

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