Container Loads

IB Pallets is a division of IB International Pty Ltd. We are distributors of quality plastic pallets, crates and bins. Many of our customers enjoy the freedom and security of purchasing container loads direct to save on bulk supplies. We are able to assist with logistics and negotiate rates on container loads into many ports. Some of the benefits of outsourcing this part of your supply chain include:

  • Risk free methods of pallets and crates purchasing
  • Benefits of bulk pricing
  • Logistics support for supply chain savings
  • International trade benefits

Businesses who are interested in sourcing product at the best rates for very large quantities can find a trusted partner in IB Pallets for plastic pallets, crates and bins. We do the work for you at the prices that work for you! Container loads and product runs vary with each product. For more information on this please contact us direct.

Special Makes

We can often assist our clients with special design and manufacture makes. This option often requires some design work and there may be a cost associated with this. This will suit you if you are looking for large ongoing quantities. If you are unsure whether your current project falls in this area please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to direct you to our most appropriate service. 

Large enough quantities of product will also open up your options with regards to colour choice and branding. Contact us for a quote today.

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